Top Channel Live – Angela Merkel Balkans Is Not The Same Anymore!

angela-merkel-edi-rama-topchannelliveThe German chancellor, Angela Merkel, during her speech on the Christian Democratic Parties meeting, speaking for European Congress elections, referred to the meeting she had with our Prime-minister, Mr. Edi Rama.

Speaking about the wars and the battles in Balkan during 1990, she says that these countries have already passed those difficult times. “What is realized during 100 years gives us the reason to vote on May 25. We are led by the slogan: “Believing on God, we want to build a happy future for our sons and nephews”. What a vision, dear friends, what objectives! We are grateful to the ones who made this possible to happen. Declared Angela Merkel for top channel live.

I cannot let without mentioning Konrad Adenauer and Helmut Kohl. Thank you for the vision and the work you did! Every generation has his own challenges. 25 years ago, when the wall did fall, someone thought that we don’t need any more to talk about peace in Europe, but we suffered the battles and wars during the ’90 in Balkan. This week i was in a meeting with the new Prime minister of Albania Edi Rama.

He told me for a meeting held in London with the West Balkan Prime – Ministers, at EBRD, where they could stay together, as prime-ministers, without having differences, starting from Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Albania.

He told me that for the first time they could talk to each other for their future and not thinking negatively for each other. But this would be impossible, without the European Perspective about West Balkan, and what we have created the last years, dear friends, what we have created, is a miracle! It is amazing! Germany has supported Albania and Albanian people for many years and in a sign of respect today many Albanians are waiting on the streets to welcome the German chancellor Angela Merkel, says Top Channel Live.

This speech was held a year ago by the German chancellor Angela Merkel. Today Merkel visited Tirane for the first time in history a German chancellor visits Albania after the first one was Gerhard Schröder in 1999 for the German troops in Kosovo. Angela Merkel today will talk with the prime minister of Albania Edi Rama for the economy of Albania and for the German investors.

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