The Long-Lost Holy Grail Which Touched The Lips Of Jesus Has Been Found Gazeta Shekulli News

holy-cup-gazeta-shekulliThis is a mystery that comes from centuries and centuries. Anyway, the cup, which has been lost for lots of time, has been found recently in a Spanish Museum gazeta shekulli has learned lately . The cup has been kept in Saint Isidor church in Leon, in South of Spain for a thousand of years and it was told to the visitors that it belongs to the Queen Urraca on 11 Century.

There are 2 historians who pretend that there are no doubts that it is the cup of Jesus. They were searching for it for 3 years, but they say to gazeta shekulli that there are not data from Egypt to confirm this theory. They pretend that this vase has been produced between the centuries 200 before Christ and 100 after the Christ, and it is covered by another cup.

According to the documents written in Arabic language, it has been stolen from Jerusalem by the Muslims, who gave it to the Christian community in Egypt. Some centuries later, in the 1050 after the Christ, it was sent as a gift to the King Fernando I of Castilla for thanking him for his help during the food crisis.

From this time it is covered with gold inside and with Perls, Smeralds, Safir, Ametist, outside. It Is thought that the Egyptians changed it by adding those precious minerals as a sign of respect against the King Fernando.

It has been safe on the Isidor Church and appeared on the museum on 1950 when it was created. learned  The only cup which can be considered as the Christ cup is the one that came from Egypt to Leon, and this cup did this road, so it has the highest probability to be the right one.

This is an important finding that helps people to describe a piece of history and give a solution to this mystery. It may be a new phase of researching process.

Even tho many other historians do not agree with this but taking a good look at history books all researches come into conclusion that this is the cup which Jesus kissed and now is discovered in Southern Spain!

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