Kosova Sot Technology: Britain Tests Robotic Soldier!

robotic-soldier-kosova-sotIt has been introduced a robot which can move, walk, run, sit down and stand up, and even imitates the moves of a soldier. Yes! This is true and has happened in Britain. It has been introduced for the first time, in Britain by the British Ministry of Protection.

This robot has costs 1.1 billion pound and is created using the Formula 1 technology. It will test the military devices. Its designers declared that the robot will help in creating a new generation of military protection devices. This new machine is an innovation in Britain, being the first in its genre. It is realized in Protection Technology and Science Laboratory, where also, are tested the military costumes of protecting soldiers by chemical attacks.

The robot can move its arms to imitate the signals that the soldiers do, can walk, run and sit down, too. The least prototypes have been presented only during the ’90 and helped in projecting the costumes which were necessary to protect the soldier by chemical attacks. But this new realization has a variety of movements that the other ones didn’t have. A few days before, it was the American Government which declared that during this summer they will test the anti-fire robots.

Rich Russell declared for Kosova sot the statement below:

‘We perceive the significance of idealizing the exoskeleton innovation to rethink what is workable for our Soldiers,’ said Rich Russell, executive of Sensors, Data Links and Advanced Programs at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control. Specialists will assess how the HULC influences warriors’ execution and perceive the amount of vitality a trooper uses while wearing the skeleton.

Research facility testing will likewise survey how rapidly clients figure out how to utilize the HULC framework when conveying different loads and moving at different paces.Lockheed Martin is also investigating exoskeleton plans to bolster mechanical and medicinal applications. Britian is now one step further other nations now in technology and this is the biggest projects ever says Kosova Sot. For more information about technology visit: http://www.kosovasot.org/

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