The Long-Lost Holy Grail Which Touched The Lips Of Jesus Has Been Found Gazeta Shekulli News

holy-cup-gazeta-shekulliThis is a mystery that comes from centuries and centuries. Anyway, the cup, which has been lost for lots of time, has been found recently in a Spanish Museum gazeta shekulli has learned lately . The cup has been kept in Saint Isidor church in Leon, in South of Spain for a thousand of years and it was told to the visitors that it belongs to the Queen Urraca on 11 Century.

There are 2 historians who pretend that there are no doubts that it is the cup of Jesus. They were searching for it for 3 years, but they say to gazeta shekulli that there are not data from Egypt to confirm this theory. They pretend that this vase has been produced between the centuries 200 before Christ and 100 after the Christ, and it is covered by another cup.

According to the documents written in Arabic language, it has been stolen from Jerusalem by the Muslims, who gave it to the Christian community in Egypt. Some centuries later, in the 1050 after the Christ, it was sent as a gift to the King Fernando I of Castilla for thanking him for his help during the food crisis.

From this time it is covered with gold inside and with Perls, Smeralds, Safir, Ametist, outside. It Is thought that the Egyptians changed it by adding those precious minerals as a sign of respect against the King Fernando.

It has been safe on the Isidor Church and appeared on the museum on 1950 when it was created. learned  The only cup which can be considered as the Christ cup is the one that came from Egypt to Leon, and this cup did this road, so it has the highest probability to be the right one.

This is an important finding that helps people to describe a piece of history and give a solution to this mystery. It may be a new phase of researching process.

Even tho many other historians do not agree with this but taking a good look at history books all researches come into conclusion that this is the cup which Jesus kissed and now is discovered in Southern Spain!

Learn Your daily Horoscope Forecast by Horoskopi Ditor!

astrology-and-health-horoscope-spaceLearn your daily horoscope now from Horoskopi Ditor.

The fast way you will enter on action today, is something that will be valuated the most. You are ready to do everything for taking what you want to. Be more responsible for your love life and be careful with your economy. Things might go out of hand for a while but Pluto is in your side and things will be back in order.


You are feeling like you don’t adapt with the ambient around you. In fact, there are some events which happened recently in your life and changed your way of acting, and don’t be like you own everything money comes and goes but you are respecting other people that inside them hate you. Love life in bad shape seems you are used after those money you have in hand try not to advertise your self a lot!

You don’t have to pretend a lot from your partners today. It has been a very busy week and you need vacations for sure. Try not to think a lot of your problems.


It is an ideal day to stay with your family and your friends. This is your aim for today. It is the best thing to do. Love life seems to be so so its you who is not paying much attention, that why horoskopi ditor warns you. Other things seems to be good!


Changing your opinions and your behavior, this is your aim for today. This is the best thing to do and you will see the changes! Love life seems to be fare for the single Leos but this has a good ending after you will find the one that you have always dreamed for, it is worth waiting! Income seems to be getting better and better, take care of your health and other things are all in order, fight for it as you are doing and you will have a wonderful life.


You would like to have fun today and for this you will need a friend of yours. You need to visit your loved ones more and try to work more after your income seems to be in bad shape.


You have the possibility to do beautiful things today, and what you would like the most is that it won’t cost at you. You need to work more with your love life, not everyone is as you so don’t fall in love that quickly without knowing 100% the other person you want to give your love. Other things seems to be in order. Income great!


It is time to ask more from yourself. You cannot satisfy with what others give to you. Try to ask better things. Be careful with your income, try not to spent more then you get paid. Spent more time with your family and love ones!


What is happening to you sounds impossible. Anyway you need to believe your instinct so you can have a solution for this issue. Love life is great. Try not to take things so personally and you will be good, other things seem to be perfect. Keep it this way!


Your actions are late, compared with your colleagues. This will bring a decrease on your work valuation. You need to spent more time in sports try to go to gym or do some more running. Be careful with your love life. Economy seems to be good.


Try to see around you so you will understand better the persons near to you. You are staying with people interested only being good with themselves. Love life isn’t that good work more hard to keep in your side your love ones.


Be careful with exercising. You are surpassing it and this is not good. Love life seems to be perfect and you are the master of it. According to Mercury you need to work more harder is the only way to get relieved from your daily stress!

Kosova Sot Technology: Britain Tests Robotic Soldier!

robotic-soldier-kosova-sotIt has been introduced a robot which can move, walk, run, sit down and stand up, and even imitates the moves of a soldier. Yes! This is true and has happened in Britain. It has been introduced for the first time, in Britain by the British Ministry of Protection.

This robot has costs 1.1 billion pound and is created using the Formula 1 technology. It will test the military devices. Its designers declared that the robot will help in creating a new generation of military protection devices. This new machine is an innovation in Britain, being the first in its genre. It is realized in Protection Technology and Science Laboratory, where also, are tested the military costumes of protecting soldiers by chemical attacks.

The robot can move its arms to imitate the signals that the soldiers do, can walk, run and sit down, too. The least prototypes have been presented only during the ’90 and helped in projecting the costumes which were necessary to protect the soldier by chemical attacks. But this new realization has a variety of movements that the other ones didn’t have. A few days before, it was the American Government which declared that during this summer they will test the anti-fire robots.

Rich Russell declared for Kosova sot the statement below:

‘We perceive the significance of idealizing the exoskeleton innovation to rethink what is workable for our Soldiers,’ said Rich Russell, executive of Sensors, Data Links and Advanced Programs at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control. Specialists will assess how the HULC influences warriors’ execution and perceive the amount of vitality a trooper uses while wearing the skeleton.

Research facility testing will likewise survey how rapidly clients figure out how to utilize the HULC framework when conveying different loads and moving at different paces.Lockheed Martin is also investigating exoskeleton plans to bolster mechanical and medicinal applications. Britian is now one step further other nations now in technology and this is the biggest projects ever says Kosova Sot. For more information about technology visit:

Top Channel Live – Angela Merkel Balkans Is Not The Same Anymore!

angela-merkel-edi-rama-topchannelliveThe German chancellor, Angela Merkel, during her speech on the Christian Democratic Parties meeting, speaking for European Congress elections, referred to the meeting she had with our Prime-minister, Mr. Edi Rama.

Speaking about the wars and the battles in Balkan during 1990, she says that these countries have already passed those difficult times. “What is realized during 100 years gives us the reason to vote on May 25. We are led by the slogan: “Believing on God, we want to build a happy future for our sons and nephews”. What a vision, dear friends, what objectives! We are grateful to the ones who made this possible to happen. Declared Angela Merkel for top channel live.

I cannot let without mentioning Konrad Adenauer and Helmut Kohl. Thank you for the vision and the work you did! Every generation has his own challenges. 25 years ago, when the wall did fall, someone thought that we don’t need any more to talk about peace in Europe, but we suffered the battles and wars during the ’90 in Balkan. This week i was in a meeting with the new Prime minister of Albania Edi Rama.

He told me for a meeting held in London with the West Balkan Prime – Ministers, at EBRD, where they could stay together, as prime-ministers, without having differences, starting from Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Albania.

He told me that for the first time they could talk to each other for their future and not thinking negatively for each other. But this would be impossible, without the European Perspective about West Balkan, and what we have created the last years, dear friends, what we have created, is a miracle! It is amazing! Germany has supported Albania and Albanian people for many years and in a sign of respect today many Albanians are waiting on the streets to welcome the German chancellor Angela Merkel, says Top Channel Live.

This speech was held a year ago by the German chancellor Angela Merkel. Today Merkel visited Tirane for the first time in history a German chancellor visits Albania after the first one was Gerhard Schröder in 1999 for the German troops in Kosovo. Angela Merkel today will talk with the prime minister of Albania Edi Rama for the economy of Albania and for the German investors.

Impress Your Peers With Your Internet Marketing Knowledge, Read This.

Internet marketing may seem hard for you especially if you are a list academy bonus beginner. The vast amount of information you may find online may not help much as it may leave you more confuse because of the conflicting information. This is the reason why this article has been written for you. It will give you very helpful tips that will make it easy for you to understand internet marketing.

Human beings are wired to free things. That is the trick the retail business has been using for decades to force the customers buy more than they need. If you use a similar strategy in your website, you may end up driving huge traffic to your website. All you have to do is to promote a giveaway. Any news about a giveaway or raffle travels faster than any other topics online.

Internet marketing needs a lot of dedication and hard work just like any business. Therefore, you should not think of quitting when it becomes challenging to achieve your expected target. If you think of quitting, just think of what you will be missing out in terms of financial income and experience.

Set your priorities before launching a website you will use to sell your products. Do not think about the sacrifices you will have to make as this may discourage you. Think about the outcome in the long run.

Reading online is very different from printed materials. While the printed materials are made up of heavy text, the internet favors short paragraphs, imagery and infographics. Avoid a long description of your business through very long essays. Stick to quick paragraphs and graphic communication and you will be sure that your website has high chances of making sales.

Social media is the most popular method to spread information faster than any other media as most people can easily access it. Use sites like YouTube, Facebook and twitter to make people aware of your site and the products you are selling. Spend a few minutes on social media every day and you are sure of increasing your visibility online.

After you start generating some profits in our internet marketing business, it is important to make sure that you do not waste time on other Anik Singal activities which you can do during your leisure time. To achieve this, have a list of the things which make our business successful online.

Look at our list every day and pick one or two things you must accomplish by the end of the day. If you become more focused in this strategy, you will not waste your time visiting social media sites, checking emails or taking part in activities that do not provide any form of income.

We hope that we have provided you with the information that will help you get started and make money from internet marketing. If you follow through with the tips we have given you in this article, you will move from a beginner to an expert in internet marketing.